as */*/*/

weak [əz] , strong [æz]
grammar word summary: As can be: ■ a conjunction: As I was leaving, the phone rang. ■ a preposition: He works as a waiter. ■ an adverb: I'm as fast as you.
1) used in comparisons used for comparing one person, thing, or situation with another
Simon isn't as tall as his brother.[/ex]
I don't play football as much as I used to.[/ex]
There were twice as many visitors as last weekend.[/ex]
We need to collect as much information as possible.[/ex]
Barbara's hair looks exactly the same as mine.[/ex]
We all need exercise, but a healthy diet is just as (= equally) important.[/ex]
2) used for referring to what is known used for referring to something that has already been talked about
As you know, Jack is leaving next month.[/ex]
3) in a particular way happening or done in a particular way
Leave everything just as you found it.[/ex]
I invested the money as you suggested.[/ex]
Judith was late, as usual.[/ex]
4) saying what sb/sth is used when you are saying what someone or something is or does
As a parent, you naturally want the best for your children.[/ex]
a portrait of the princess as a child[/ex]
An electric drill can also be used as a screwdriver.[/ex]
5) saying how sb/sth is considered considered or described in a particular way
Van Dyck was regarded as the greatest painter of his time.[/ex]
Madeira is described as having the best climate in the world.[/ex]
6) when or while happening at the same time as something else
As we were sitting down to dinner, the phone rang.[/ex]
We got to the check-in desk just as they were about to close.[/ex]
I'm ready to go out as soon as it stops raining.[/ex]
7) because used for giving a reason for something
As it was getting late, we decided to go home.[/ex]
as for — used for introducing a subject that is related to what you have just been talking about[/ex]
As for me, I went home and left them to get on with it.[/ex]
as if; as though — 1) in such a way that something seems to be true[/ex]
It looks as if it's going to rain.[/ex]
Jack smiled as though he knew the answer.[/ex]

— 2) used when you imagine an explanation for something that you know is not the real one

My car looked as if an elephant had sat on it.[/ex]
as it is — already[/ex]
I've got enough problems as it is.[/ex]
as toformal concerning[/ex]
There is some doubt as to his true identity.[/ex]

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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